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Action in Casa Virupa

Although our axes are meditation, retreats and Buddhist philosophy, at Casa Virupa we also offer alternative projects. We believe there are many ways to enrich our mind and heart and to take care of other sentient beings if these ways are based on values that we consider essential such as compassion, attention and respect.

Sujata is a project that fully relies on the potential of infants and pretends to help into awakening it. From Sujata we offer leisure activities for children, training for education professionals and families. We want children to grow, learn and have fun with values such as patience, attention, generosity and joy, living in the present.

Through Kanthaka we want to ensure the physical and mental well-being of horses. Here lives a small herd in semi-freedom, to which we guarantee optimal living conditions. We offer a boarding service for your horse. Soon, we will also do auto-knowledge workshops with horses.


From Casa Virupa we want to connect with the philosophy of our roots. Especially with those who seek transcendence in everyday life and encourage the care of oneself and others. For this reason, with "El Jardín de Casa Virupa" we want to provide a experience of what it is to philosophize as practiced in ancient schools.


Since we may be involved in an activity, it is indispensable that you inform us beforehand before you come so we can attend to you well.

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We work hard to offer you the best, so at Casa Virupa everyday can be a good day.

If you want to find out about all that we are organizing, our retreats, philosophy cycles, meditation programs, teachings…


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