H.E. Khöndung Gyana Vajra Rinpoche visits Casa Virupa + Torma initiation of Vajrakilaya | August 29t

It is an immense honor to announce that His Eminence Khöndung Gyana Vajra Rinpoche will visit Casa Virupa for the first time on Thrusday, August 29. In addition, he will bless the center and all the attendees by granting the Initiation of the Torma of Vajrakilaya, a practice held by the Khon lineage since the time of Guru Rinpoche.

H.E. Gyana Vajra Rinpoche is the youngest son of His Holiness Gongma Trichen Rinpoche and one of the main supporters of the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism; for that reason in 2020 he will be enthroned as Sakya Trizin. He has received initiations, oral transmissions, blessings and essential instructions from H. H Gongma Trichen Rinpoche, as well as common and uncommon teachings of some of the most outstanding teachers of Tibetan Buddhism of our time, such as H.E. Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, H.E. Luding Khenchen Rinpoche, H.E. Khöndung Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, H.E. Luding Khen Rinpoche, H.E. Jetsun Chimey Luding Rinpoche, etc. He has been trained in Sakya Monastery and Sakya College, in India. He has been traveling all over the world for years to teach and expand the precious Dharma, in addition to having created the Sakya Academy Project to train novices and preserve the teachings of the Dharma and, more specifically, the Sakya school.

It is a great blessing that a teacher like him comes to our center. We wish that as many beings as possible benefit from this meeting.

Soon we will offer more details, but as the places are limited, please send an email to inscripcions@casavirupa.com to reserve your place.

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