Do Tulku Rinpoche + Arne Schelling: retreat and teachings - July 2018

We are glad to announce that Do Tulku Rinpoche will be back in Casa Virupa this July. On this occasion, we have the privilege of him leading a retreat of Buddhist preliminaries (ngondro), open to all traditions, from July 20th to 24th.

In addition, two days before Do Tulku's retreat (July 18 and 19), and to prepare for the retreat with Rinpoche, Arne Schelling, instructor of meditation and Buddhist philosophy, will teach about "the four thoughts that turn the mind to Dharma".


/ From 20th to 24th of July /

According to the Buddha, we are treasure mines of amazing qualities. Endless source of joy and well being. We have been complete and pure from the beginningless of time, and even before the concept of time. Not having seen one's own face, we roam in this world wearing all kinds of masks. Awakenning, is all the Buddha wanted for us. In this age of superficial spirituality, it is indeed worrysome that the purity of our being could be wasted away on a materialistic aproach that entangles us further into this net of lies.

During this retreat, we will attempt to go back to our root. To the Buddha, his Dharma and the Sangha. Because only by understanding them, we will come face to face with who we are. This is called preliminary/ngondro, because it comes before buddhahood.

/ 18th and 19th of July /

In order to really understand our root - the Buddha, his Dharma and the Sangha- we need to start to tune our mind: we have to open our eyes to the truth, and recognize the net of lies in which we are living in. Arne Schelling will help us to discover these, by showing us, that our lives are full of potential and creativity, that our actions do have consequences and that permanence and superficial happiness are our favourite lies. By fully embodying these discoveries, we are ready to go back to our forgotten roots


About Do Tulku Rinpoche

Raktrul Rinpoche (also known as Do Tulku) was born in 1985 in South India. At 17, he was recognized by HH Sakya Trizin as the sixth Raktrul Rinpoche, a tulku (recognized reincarnation) of a Sakya monastery. He began, then, his studies in the Dzongsar Khyentse Chöky Lodro Institute, where he received his training in Buddhist philosophy, practice, and debate. After eleven years of studies, he successfully graduated with the ‘Acharya’ title. He also taught in Dzongsar Institute for a year and guided retreats for monks in Mustang.

In addition, he has received teachings, transmissions and initiations from some of the greatest masters of our times, such as HH the Dalai Lama, HH the Sakya Trizin, Khenchen Kunga Wangchuk, Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, Dagchen Rinpoche, Luding Khenchen Rinpoche, and many more. He is a translator for the 84000 project, and is a lay master.

About Arne Schelling

Arne Schelling was born in Germany, where he practices western and Chinese medicine. In 1989 he began to study and practice intensively under the guidance of various Buddhist masters of all Tibetan traditions, especially guided by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Dzongsar Khyntse Rinpoche and Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche. Arne began to translate for Buddhist teachers from Tibetan and Zen tradicions in 1999. He also worked as a translator and editor for many books, including "Whats Makes You (Not) a Buddhist), "Not for Happiness", "Madhyamakavatara Commentary", etc. He has been translating sutras for the 84.000 project since 2011. In 20008, Dzonsar Khyentse Rinpoche appointed him as an instructor.

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